Upgrading your Plan

MapProvision is free to all all users with a Google Account. On entering the MapProvision Manager application an account is automatically created for you and an example Data Collection and images are copied to your account.

The newly created account will have a type called Freemium. Freemium accounts have all of MapProvision's features enabled. You get a certain amount of free daily usage. Once this usage amount is exceeded the account will be deactivated until the usage refresh period. The usage reset occurs at 12:00 PM UTC daily.

The different types of usage that contribute to your account limits are described in the Account Usage Page.

If you are exceeding your daily limits you should consider upgrading your account to a Pro package. You can do this and view the limits for each account type on the Go Pro Page.

You can also upgrade your account when logged in to the MapProvision manager by navigating to:

Account -> Upgrade Account

When upgrading your account from the Go Pro Page MapProvision will check if you are currently signed on to your Google Account. If you are a check will be performed to see if you already have either a Freemium or a Pro MapProvision account and if not one will be created for you. If you are not logged into a Google Account you will be prompted to do so and a MapProvision account will be created for you if one has not been already. This Google Account will be linked to your MapProvision account and will be used to store all your created datsets in your own Fusion Tables.

Once your MapProvision account has been verified you will be given the option to Buy Now to upgrade your MapProvision account to the Pro Package selected.

Clicking Buy Now will will navigate you to the Pay Pal payment site. Once the payment has been completed you will be directed back to the MapProvision web page showing the confirmation of your payment. You will also receive an email notifying you of your purchase.

If your account is already a MapProvision Pro account any purchases will extend your current Pro account expiry date by the amount purchased.

You can view your Pro account's expiry date at any time in the MapProvision manager by navigating to:

Account -> Account Usage

Currently MapProvision offers purchase periods of one and three months.

If you require more usage than specified in the Pro packages please Contact Us. to discuss your requirements.