Account Usage

MapProvision allows free usage of all its services and features to any user with a Google account.

Once your usage exceeds a certain level you must either stop using MapProvision until the following day when the service usage metrics are reset. Or you can upgrade your account to a Pro plan where for a small monthly fee you are allocated a much larger usage quota.

In the manager you can see your current usage statistics and the next refresh time by opening the accounts listings and select Account Usage.

This will show the following usage statistics, account type and next usage reset time.

MapProvision measures the usage of the following activities linked to your account:

Number of dynamic layers calls

This is the total number of times that layers have been invoked on maps in your data collections. It applies to raster, interpolation, circle, density and image layers. It does not apply to multi geometry layers as these are not dynamic and are stored statically on Google servers.

Dynamic layers require rendering every time they are invoked as they will vary depending on the data in your map bounds each time they are invoked. This is because dynamic layers use the layer's symbology to show the full spread of the data visible in the map's bounds, not the data set as a whole.

Number of file uploads

This is the number of CSV or KML file uploads you have performed. If you have exhausted your number of file uploads for the day, you are welcome to use the Google Fusion Tables Application to upload your files and then link this fusion table to your data collection using the Import Fusion Table tool.

Users on the Freemium plan have a file size limit of 300KB. Pro users have a file size limit of 3 MB.

Number of Manager page loads

This is simply the number of times you have launched the MapProvision manager in a browser using your Google account during the current day.

Number of Viewer page loads today

This is the number of times your users have launched the viewer portal to view one of your data collections during the current day. Either embedded in your website or as a stand alone webpage.

Daily Usage Reset

Usage statistics will be reset at 12:00 PM UTC time daily. If your account was suspended due to exceeding the daily usage limits for your current plan it will be re-enabled with all your usage statistics reset back to zero at the reset time.

Account Expiry Date

If you are on a Pro plan the expiry date for this plan will be shown also. If you purchase additional Pro plan months these months are added on to the current expiry date shown here.