Layer Selection

The layer selection tool is where you must specify which layer types you want to use with your dataset.

A dataset can have multiple different attributes associated with each spatial feature.

Each attribute can have multiple different layers types to represent them.

In the case of the Raster Grid and Interpolation layers as these are aggregated into grids they can also have one or more aggregation functions to describe them consisting of even more layers representing the attribute.

All selected layer types will be assigned to all attributes which are selected as layer attributes in the Import Data form. If you do not want all attributes associated with all the selected layer types you can remove any unwanted ones using the Organize Folders tool.

The following diagram illustrates how the Layer Types you select are mapped to actual spatial layers that will be available in your Data Collection's Viewer Portal.

Attribute Layer Type Mappings.

KML Imports

If you are importing from a KML file, attributes are taken from the KML Extended Data tag as shown in the following example.

      <name maxLines="1">1558</name>
        <Data name="attribute1">
        <Data name="attribute2">
          <coordinates> 175.016974,-36.945977</coordinates>