MapProvision runs inside Google's cloud service the Google App Engine.

Google's Fusion Tables provide the storage for the user's geo data under the user's own Google account right along side their other Google services such as Google docs.

Specialized thematic overlays exclusive to MapProvision are rendered as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

The following diagram describes the technologies employed by the MapProvision application:


The following list shows the features that are currently being developed to be included in the short term:

Provide data export capabilities. (Datasets can now be downloaded in the Viewer's Vizualizer or in the Manager's Dataset Metadata tab).
Add an option to paste raw data into a text area in the browser in the import data wizard.
Support animation between more than two layers.
Add time series animations.
Add time series motion chart support.
Add a sophisticated heatmap layer.
The ability to import Shape files.
If you want to import Shape files presently you can import them to your Fusion Tables using Shape to FT and then load that Fusion Table ID into MapProvision.

If you have a feature request that you would like to see on this list please contact us with your request.

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