MapProvision stores uploaded data sets into a Google Fusion Table that is linked to your Google Account. The table will show up in your Google Docs list and will only allow modification by the Google Account holder or other users that the table owner authorizes. Any data uploaded using MapProvision will be owned by the you indefinitely regardless of whether they continue to use MapProvision or not.

Google Fusion Tables is a Google cloud based storage system that is part of the Google Docs family that lets you gather, visualize and share your data online.

MapProvision uses OAuth technology to provide a secure way to access your Fusion Tables that provide the underlying storage.

For MapProvision to be able to access your Fusion Tables for the uploading and retrieval of data you must authorize the MapProvision application to have permission to access your Fusion Tables. This will only allow access to your Fusion tables and will not grant access to any other Google services such as Docs and Mail.

The first time you open the MapProvision Manager you will be prompted to authorize the MapProvision application to access your Google Fusion Tables on your behalf. The OAuth authorization screen is shown below.

Google Fusion Table Authorization Screen.



When you click Grant Access an OAuth token is given to the MapProvision application which securely stores it. The token will never leave the secure MapProvision application and it will not be shared with any third parties.

You can revoke the OAuth token at any time by navigation to your Google Accounts page.